Why the Name?

My blog is called Bleeding Mahogany.

But the reason behind it is very straightforward. The whole point of my blog is, publishing varyingly random stories and posts about the things I find interesting. So it would naturally be ideal for me to name my blog something random. And that is just what I did!

Bleeding Mahogany means nothing. It absolutely means nothing. One can argue that Mahogany is a type of wood and perhaps bleeding red is its colour in some form. And that might be true. Perhaps that is why I thought of Bleeding, right after my genius mind thought of the name Mahogany. It is catchy, but also unrelated.

I will not lie: the name does not have any profound meaning behind it. Many people name their books, stories, blogs or websites something strange and unique and then claim to have some deep meaning behind it. But not me! I am very frank about the name: I once named one of my playlists this, out of the blue, and I liked it so I thought of naming my first blog the same thing.

It is fun to see people type “bleeding wood”, “red mahogany table”, “mahogany bleeding” and similar on Google and I get a lot of traffic that way. I have no idea why. But I hope those people find my blog interesting, because that is the whole point!

So enough rants about the name of my blog. Even in real life, I am very talkative. So naturally, I had to make a blog where I can rant on too…

Look at me, ranting on about ranting on. Control, Kunal!

And that, kids, is why my blog is called Bleeding Mahogany.