We bought a new car!

Our Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Buying a car is a fresh feeling. Until the novelty wears off, you feel royal as f.

And when you buy a car like Maruti Suzuki Baleno, ohh… Its a godly feeling.

On Wednesday, we bought a new car. Well, actually, we bought the car three months back but received it two days back. That alone should tell you how popular the car make is. Our Baleno stood waiting for us when we entered the showroom.

Now, officially, Baleno is a ‘NEXA’ car, which is Maruti Suzuki’s premium showroom. Which means that we were treated well. Served water and a frigging menu – just for taking the delivery of the car. And while we waited for the formalities to be complete, my eyes met with the silver beast.

Car: Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Model: 1.2 Alpha (TOP VARIANT)
City / Highway Mileage: 17.8kmpl / 21.4kmpl
Fuel type: Petrol

Our Baleno was shining like a star, with its pristine look. I held my breath as I joined my brother in a 360 degree check-out of the car. My eyes were plastered to the car. I could not look anywhere else. Not to mention that I had never taken a delivery for a car ever. So you can imagine that I checked this car out more intensely than I would check out a hot girl on a Goan beach in the summer! *insert tharki face*

I initially thought that was the best part. Of course, I was mistaken. The best part came when we sat inside.

Oh! The level of comfort; the sheer capacity Baleno could hold; the airy feeling! For long-legged tall people like us, this car was a heavenly package. Our previous car, a Wagon R, was the only car at the time to fit us. So when we booked Baleno, naturally we were worried about it being shorter in height than the Wagon R. However when we sat inside, we knew this was perfection. Intricately tailored for short and tall people alike, our Baleno could fit five people with such ease that I can’t even describe. The premium feeling that the car gave off was definitely a rare gem.

While the NEXA guy gave us a detailed demo of the inner and outer workings of the car (and rather well, I might add), my excitement simply climbed with each added feature. The touchscreen entertainment system, the rear parking camera, the large boot for baggage, the voice command controls, Apple CarPlay, ambient lighting inside, etc. Everything was just spectacular.

Not just that but also, when we took the car home, it zoomed past the street lights like a magic spell. The engine was virtually non-existent, or so we thought because of zero-noise inside the cabin. The PUSH to START and STOP button to start the car was so efficient, it was perfect in case of a car shutdown. Added to the fact that Baleno was loaded with security features, and we knew we had made the right decision.

I am glad. We obviously hope that this car lasts for a long time, but only time will tell that. Meanwhile, I will make sure to soak in every bit of the car I can.

Note: For now, I am adding a temporary photo that I took of the car in the showroom. In the future, I will (mostly) add a better photo of the car.

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