Miracle Dip on a Starry Night

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Imagine this: a chilly weather, a clear night’s sky with twinkling stars, hills, meadows and forests surrounding you and nothing but time to waste… seems like something out a story book, right?

I was fortunate enough to experience this! It was a night I remember fondly. Maybe it was the fancy things that stands sharp in my memory – like the peace and quiet that the small town I was visiting brought with it. Or perhaps, it was the close-knit group of friends who sat with me on the terrace on that cold night, sharing and caring. Who knows! But one thing is for sure: it was something fantastical.

You see, when you are one of those typical students in India aspiring to be an engineer (in IT, no less), you need a break. Break from all the routine stress, from the mediocre life you think you are leading whilst you try to figure out what ‘Encapsulation and Polymorphism’ is exactly and from the pressure that’s building around you in the form of tests, exams and of course, your parents. In such a perilous time, you need fun. You need excitement. You need something different. In my case, I needed chip and dip.

And so, barely a week after my exams were over, I found myself huddled around a stove. With me were a few of my closest friends. It was not only a great night, but a messy one as well. We were preparing to face the pure tranquillity of the small but delightful village we were visiting. The cold was still sharp like daggers. And the thing we were trying to create would cut through this cold. Supposedly.

The cooks in my group were the forerunners of our little “project”. Experimentation and making a tasty mess of what we call food was something they were adept at. The rest of us were just there, hovering in the background pretending to help. Desperately cold and hungry, but also a little excited about it being past midnight and the fact that we were all awake for something other than studies, we clanked and clunked around the kitchen, fumbling for something to make. The five of us ran around, hunting for logical ingredients to put in our cooking pan, while the other two stood around the stove, trying to light it whilst yelling orders. I grabbed the cheese, someone else grabbed the sauces from the fridge and another grabbed the garlic butter. And so, the miracle dip was born. In no time, the stove was on, searing the pan. The garlic butter was bubbling on the pan’s surface as it sent wafts of smells around the house. Added to the fact that the house was a packed box of us seven, to stop the cold from entering inside, everything aromatic in no time! With extreme clumsiness and hurry, we added the ingredients one by one to the butter, whilst the two – ahem – chefs stirred.

I have never been excited about cooking food. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating food, but actual cooking it is something that does not tickle my fancy. However, that night, it was like seeing magic. Maybe that was just my hunger making me see things but when the cheese had melted, when the garlic had infused with everything else, when the sauces had turned from white and yellow to a burning orange, my stomach grumbled.

The seven of us raced upstairs, carrying the rest of the stuff in our hands. It was like a synchronized mechanism: two of us stood upstairs, ready to take the stuff and keep it on the terrace; three more stood below, passing the stuff upstairs, while the remaining brought the stuff from the kitchen. We had drinks (soft, of course because we don’t drink alcohol. No, we seriously don’t. Mummy promise), we had food, we had sweaters for warmth, we had music…

And later, we found ourselves huddled around the dip on the terrace, below the sky, drinking soft drinks and ready to attack the bowl with three huge packets of chips. The fire this dip had awoken in us roared. Our hungry stomachs were holding their breaths, waiting for the onslaught of awesomeness. Our minds were sceptical: would the dip even be good?

It didn’t matter, as we each took a chip and dipped it in the liquidy-goodness. It smelt, looked amazing and turns out – as I bit the chip hungrily – it tasted amazing, too!

And thus began a campfire-like night, dotted with stories, secrets, selfies and music. The dip was consumed entirely in no time, and we lay on the cold floor of the terrace, star-gazing through the cold night, with one hand rubbing our full stomachs, contemplating if every night could be like this: eternally fulfilling and blissful.

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Top 5 Websites to visit when you are bored


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Exam time is coming faster than the Winter in Westeros and this has kept me very busy, so sorry for the delay! I decided to keep this one a bit more fun. It lists top 5 sites to visit when you are bored or idle or simply have nothing to do.
If you agree with me, like, share and comment with constructive criticism. If you don’t, even then do the same! Remember that this is MY suggestion and opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. If you think I missed something, please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to see what you guys do in your free time 😉
Also note that popular websites like YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Twitter etc have been left out purposely since they are a much better fit in a different Top 5/10 list. I wanted to provide you better options than a social networking list of websites so I excluded them out.
Hope you like this one. Do tell me if you did!
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Imagine sitting at home on a lazy Saturday night. You don’t feel like stepping out of your bed, however you also don’t feel like lazing around, doing nothing. You’re bored. You’re anxious to do something. You wanna surf the internet.

But where do you start?

Well, here are top 5 things (both fun and interesting) to do when bored on the internet. Starting with the 5th, I will list the minimally fun to substantially fun in an ascending order of awesomeness, coupled with descending order of numbering. Ready? Here we go:

5) How Old Do I Look?

how-old.net by Microsoft

This is a fun website, which requires very little for you to do. As the title suggests, this website determines the age, based on a picture you upload. It detects any faces present in the pictures and using high tech algorithms and complex mathematical equations and whatnot, it determines the approximate age of the face in the picture.

It has become only recently popular and is created by Microsoft so your pictures won’t get reused. Hell, they don’t even store your pictures (I think! :P) and you can seamlessly upload your selfies and groupies and determine what is your age.

When I did it, here is what I got as the result:



How Old Do I Look (kunal)

Copyright, Kunal Nayak




Umm… I am 19!!! Or am I?

4) Fuck My Life

If you have not heard of this website, or seen it till now, where have you been? Basically, this site is full of messed up situations posted by other people in the form of short stories. Anyone can post on their websites the things that are effed-up in their lives right now and many-a-times almost all the times it is hilarious. You will find how time flies as you scroll through their feeds and read all the funny things people go through everyday and at the end, you will feel better about your own life!

Some are completely random, like this one:

Today, I was talking to a cute guy at my house party and had to fart. Luckily, it was silent. Unluckily, he smelled it, thought my house had a gas leak, and ran to the basement to check the pipes and ensure our safety. FML

And some are, well, weird:

Today, I told my husband I felt unfulfilled and unhappy in my life. He suggested I do more chores. FML

And some are astonishingly funny:

Today, I found out the “sex noises” I heard from next door last night, which I’d angrily yelled at my neighbor for, were actually from him having an uncontrollable seizure. FML

I am sure you will check them out now!

3) LifeHacker

Another one of the famous, helpful websites which provides fresh life hacks or workarounds for simple things in life. It will shock you how this website might help in your future endeavors. Sometimes inspirational, sometimes uplifting, sometimes downright helpful, this website is really, really good for those who are bored and have nothing else to do.

2) Quora

Moving from funny to something fun and intellectual, this is my second spot for the most time-passing websites! It has great, mind-boggling questions and even more mind-boggling answers to them. Helpful, creative, to-the-point, factually correct, Quora is one of the best platforms to share your thoughts and get answers to those simple questions that your parents or friends might deem to be stupid. Ranging from questions about life and relationships to actual scientific questions, the answers are written by everyone and anyone and yet they are good and not a waste of your time. No spams, no trolls, this website is a great way to pass your time, whilst getting educated along with it.


Quora Answer

1) 9GAG

This the best way to waste your life. Yes, you can sit in front of the computer for hours, staring at this beauty of a website. I feel this is one of the funniest websites out there. Memes, captions, jokes and funny images are just the surface of the pile that is 9GAG.

It is categorized into various comedy sections and the website ensures that you remain entertained. What’s more, you can submit your own funny clippings, images etc and use the website on your smartphone, using their app. One of the greatest place for an idle mind, do visit it and tickle your funny bone.




How the f*ck is this the same guy ?!?!

How the f*ck is this the same guy ?!?!


Link: Here

Well, that’s it folks. The top 5 websites I visit when I am bored. Do you agree?

Remember that this blog is for learning and sharing knowledge (helpful or otherwise) so if YOU have your own suggestions, that is what the comment section is for! So don’t be shy or egoistic and SHARE the websites you find fun and entertaining in your time-pass period!! (Porn, or those lousy social networks not included purposely. I mean, Facebook as a time-pass website? Come on. Cliché alert!!!! :D)

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