How do you define happiness?

I mean, what is the end goal? To be happy forever, starting RIGHT NOW? But then, will you get bored of happiness? If Thanos made you an offer of a lifetime: let him snap his fingers using the Infinity Gauntlet and he would grant you your dream, no terms and conditions – would that bring you happiness?

Is it the peak of the mountain, with the beautiful scenery, that’s happiness or is it the climb to the peak, with its own hardships and pitfalls that are actually the things that end up making you happy?

If I had my version of happiness, I would probably never truly be happy.

said by Me, 2018 in this blog post

You see yourself in that big, red chair. You are ordering someone around, importantly. You sit in front of a mahogany table that is smooth and polished. It’s an air conditioned room. The person you are ordering around is lucky to be around you. He wants to be you, one day. Or be better than you. Or maybe he simply likes your office. He wants it. He wants the chair. He wants the desk. He wants it all. Soon, he shall have it maybe.

Or maybe not. You don’t care; its yours after all! The chair was built for you, you stitched it’s fine lining not with your own blood and sweat but with the magical snap-wish. You might have had struggled to get it in that room under normal circumstances, in front of that pristine wooden desk. But Thanos gave you happiness, all with that one snap.

And now, you sit in it.

Below you, the eighty storeyed building houses your offices, providing employment to millions. And not just here, but all around the country. You have power. You are in control.

People love you. People love hating you. People want to grow old and have your life. People want to be born into your wealth. They only see the money, the power, the unwanted fame. They see the version of you that’s public – like an Instagram filter. They don’t see the real you.

But it doesn’t matter, right? You have power. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t build your wealth from the ground up. You are forty something years old and already a crorepati. You have a family waiting for you at home. Your wife loves you. The un filtered, non Instagram version of you. Your kids are too innocent to know your worth. They’re young, but they’re smart like you. One day, hopefully, they will be sitting in your chair.

You are in bliss. All it took was a snap of the Gauntlet.

You asked him, “What will it cost?”

He said, “Nothing.”

But in reality, it costed everything.

Because life isn’t about wealth, it isn’t about power, it isn’t about the happily ever after. Life isn’t about snap-wishing yourself into paradise. It isn’t about skipping everything and going ahead in life. Life is about the bumpy bus ride to Paradise, and not the Paradise itself.

You think that’s your happiness. You want that red leather chair. You want that wealth and power. You want success. But, you want it fast, and you want it now. You forget that it isn’t a vada pav. You can’t get it fast, you can’t get it now. And even if you could, even if Thanos could grant you that wish, that dream, it would be empty. Because, then what?

However if you would have faced the challenges, if you would have been pushed and pulled, gotten hurt and mended yourself, if you would’ve been pressured and abused, if you would’ve gone through emotions you never knew you could handle, if you would have seen things you never imagined, if you would’ve lived…

The pain, the suffering and finally the hard work – that wouldn’t ‘give’ you happiness.

That would become your happiness. And that’s how you define it!

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Best way to save yourself from physical abuse [Quora Answer]

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Heya, Bleedsters!
Final year of Engineering really 
is a b*tch! All around me, I see nothing but tests, exams, assignments and projects! And with the D-Day of my student life (for now) finally approaching, it is times like these, times of hectic confusion and exhaustion that I find solace in Quora. During one such time, I found this one answer in particular that fascinated me. It provided a simple solution to a very complex problem: What to do at a moment’s notice when you are being beaten up by thugs, your abusive spouse or corrupt officials…. Share it as much as you can and let it help someone in need!

What do you do when you find yourself on gravel, screaming in pain, your bones probably broken, your lip fat and bloody and your wounds open like a faucet? What if you are being towered by a group of thugs, or rapists or attackers? What if they want to cause you real pain? How do you make the pain stop? How do you escape this tragic situation quickly? Well, here is your answer:

QuestionWhat are the best one-minute life hacks?

by Kandarp Joshi, Counsellor, advisor, motivator (of a different kind)

Black Heart but a White Soul.

While being in a relationship is important in life, the right kind of friendship is even more crucial. Today, I want to talk about a friend who has been in my life for almost two years now and it’s his birthday. His presence has changed a lot of things completely for better or for worse, believe it or not. I guess that is what being a Bro is all about.

No – not a brother. Brothers are blood relatives. They are multi-faceted: sometimes a nuisance, sometimes a relief. Sometimes an edge between the two. You never know what a brother is for you. He can be a friend, and yet an enemy. He can save you from an angry mother’s wrath, and yet at a different time throw you under the bus driven by the same angry mother.

A Bro is different. A Bro crosses the lines of friendship, close-friendship and best friendship and emerges victorious as your truest companion. You do crazy shit with this Bro. It is you and Bro against the world. Heck, there is a whole Bible of sorts for Bros called the ‘Bro Code’ (by Barney Stinson – patent pending).

I, thankfully, have one in my life. His name, coincidentally (not really), matches partially with the name of this article – Black Heart*.

Although the name doesn’t really suit him, the story behind it is one of the many reasons why he is my Bro. I mean, we have succeeded in doing a lot of crazy shit together. Trust me – we have made a fool of one another so many times that I can’t even begin to fathom … We have been through so much, have faced so many difficulties in our own lives. But then again, we have also have stuck with each other with complete discipline… just like Bros should.

The funny thing is, we know each other because of a common liking for a TV show. Of all the ways we could meet, a TV show (called How I Met Your Mother) is what made us Bros. Our paths crossed solely because we were big nerds with respect to a sitcom! And since then, we have had a wild ride.

An awesome friend, Black Heart has managed to help me through the rough, support me through the thick, bitch-slap me appropriately through the thin and all-in-all been a great friend. Not only that, but he has also managed to do so with utmost sincerity and transparency. And with the rising number of back-stabbers, liars and pretentious friends, he is truly a gem.

I always value friendship. I do my best to nurture my friendships. Sometimes, I fail. I am not ashamed to admit I make mistakes. But guess what? Only true friends stick around. And Black Heart is one of them.

And you want to know the funny thing? The most ironic thing? The strangest of facts about this awesome friendship between us? We live in – wait for it –  different states and have – wait for it – never met in person.

It is intriguing, really. How can a person, who I have never physically interacted with, have more of a presence in my life than a people who already are? Because of a missed opportunity and dumb luck, we are yet to meet. But guess what? If a virtual friendship is this exemplary, then meeting him in person would be ambrosial… Impeccable… Flawless…

For obvious reasons, I cannot name him. Nor can I reveal more. Privacy is important. But Black Heart, if you are reading this – and I know you are, else I wouldn’t be making a post about it – a very Happy Birthday to you.

You have been a perfect friend, an inspiration in ways you cannot imagine and a truly White Soul.


*mine was White Scar. Yuck, I know.

This is a very special post, dedicated to a very special friend. Hope he likes it!

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