A very Special Ganesh Chaturthi!

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This year, I am celebrating an extra special Ganesh Chaturthi.

Why? Because I am finally an Engineer.

Many might question the significance of it. Especially since in India, being an Engineer is considered nothing sort of insignificant these days – so much so that every year we see 1.5 million Engineering students passing out! But hey, this year’s 1.5 million sees me being a part of it.

It feels overwhelmingly auspicious. This day, this Ganesh Chaturthi day, I imagine myself on a line that is fine, thin and stretches for kilometres. I stand right on its edge. Behind me looms my four years of hard work. Four years of Engineering. Four years of working towards one of the things I adore the most – technology. And damn it! It has been a fun ride.

In a complete contrast to the misty past at my back, I see a clear and crisp future waiting for me. It is new, it is crazy and it is different. An unusual experience sings my name. It actively looks for me, trying to identify me from a crowd of 1.5 million fellow Engineers. And I feel it my purpose to wave back cheerfully.

I step across the line, finally entering a new chapter in my storybook. But guess what? This time, I am not alone.

I see Lord Ganesh accompanying me. I see him descending off his mount. I see him approach me, acknowledge me and together, we jump across the line. And as we do so, I hear voices. Loud voices of people praying and cheering in his glory. I hear them enjoying the Chaturthi festival with full pomp. I see their enthusiasm and I see their devotion. I see their love for not only Lord Ganesh but also for each other. I feel the festive atmosphere.

And I pray with them, with a renewed sense of purpose. In spite of being a little less religious all my life, today I find myself in awe of Lord Ganesh. And I bow to him.

My college years bid me farewell. But at the same time, a new phase of my life beckons. And this, kids, is where life really begins.

It is going to be a bumpy one, Kunal, so sit back, relax and enjoy it!


I write this post to wish everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



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