Game of Thrones Season 7 Expectations

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions/Expectations

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  • Dany starts conquering Westeros piece by piece with the help of Dorne (Sandsnakes/Martell), half of the Iron Islands (Greyjoy siblings) and the Reach (Tyrell).Related image
  • Cersei, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, allies herself with Euron Greyjoy of the Iron Islands to fight Dany.Image result for game of thrones season 7
  • Euron shows his true colours, using his arsenal of queer priests, magical items and (probably) dragonhorn from the East to emerge as a truly menacing villain of the show. His crazy matches (or outperforms) Cersei’s crazy.Image result for game of thrones season 7 euron
  • Euron binds one of Dany’s dragons to him.
  • Another dragon goes to Jon Snow, who allies himself with the Brotherhood without Banners, the Hound, perhaps even Dany (although I doubt Dany will be ready to help him fight a growing threat of the White Walkers she believes to be a myth) and the rest of the Starks. Speaking of which-
  • Stark reunion. Image result for game of thrones season 7 Bran the Greenseer crosses the Wall and finally reunites with Sansa Stark and Jon Snow, now the new bloodraven. Meanwhile Arya Stark reunites with the Hound, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark in Winterfell, armed with the knowledge of the Faceless Men.
  • The Wall comes crashing down, finally allowing the White Walkers to enter the realm.Image result for game of thrones season 7  the wall comes down
  • One of the dragon dies. Either at the hands of the White Walkers or by the hands of Euron, or Cersei or somebody else.
  • Bran informs Jon about his visions about Jon’s true parentage. Meanwhile, Sam (now in Oldtown learning to be a Maester) finds documents confirming Rhaegar’s only surviving son – Jon Snow.Image result for game of thrones season 7  bran
  • As Cersei and Euron lose (I think the dragon bound to Euron’s will is the one that dies) and Cersei, in her last moments orders her servants to burn the whole city down. Jaime, flashing back to when the Mad King Aerys Targ ordered the same and driving a sword through this king’s back, realizes how truly “gone” Cersei is and chokes her to death, perhaps even drawing the Widow’s Wail (Joffrey’s sword that he now has in possession) through Cersei’s heart. Ironic how the sword is called the Widow’s Wail.Image result for game of thrones season 7  jaime
  • Jaime joins the Starks and Brienne in the North, using his Valyrian Sword Widow’s Wail to kill some White Walkers, while Jon uses his Valyrian Sword Longclaw and Brienne uses HER Valyrian Sword (which was actually Jaime’s) Oathkeeper.
  • We finally get more information on Rhaegar Targ, why he ran away and eloped with Lyanna Stark and all the details of Robert’s Rebellion.Image result for game of thrones season 7  rhaegar
  • Meanwhile, as the Wall falls, from its rubble rises Ice Dragons (Dragons made of ice or from cold). One of Dany’s “Fire Dragon” and one of these Ice Dragons go to Jon Snow, and finally, he emerges as the “Song of Ice and Fire”.Image result for game of thrones season 7
  • ENDING of SEASON 7: The Wall falling and with it the rise of the Ice Dragons as we see the White Walkers finally enter the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as everyone wake up from their horrible ignorance to the fact that the Long Night is nigh.Image result for game of thrones season 7

Heya Bleedsters!
With the season 7 of Game of Thrones 7 days away, I thought I would write a post about 
my predictions/expectations from the upcoming season. These are in no way confirmations or leaks, and are my opinions. Although most are well calculated predictions, many are just fantasy. We will have to see on the 16th of July to see how many come true.

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