TVF Tripling S01E02- “Ab Kidhar…?” Review (No Spoilers)

TVF Tripling S01E02

We left the previous episode at celebrations. That is where we pick up Episode 2- “Ab Kidhar?” and it is definitely an amusing start. We see the culture of Rajasthan, with the attire, the music and the grandeur. We wonder what is going on. But guess what? The characters are wondering the same thing.

By now, we know that the Sister (Chanchal) is married to a rich Prince and is living with him in a big palace-like structure. We also know that Chanchal is feigning pregnancy, which her family members do not know. So, they throw her a ceremony of sorts, leaving her siblings Baba and Chitvan in a mix.

I love this episode, because it expands on the character personalities greater than the previous episode did. I mean, the previous one was a pilot episode after all. We get to know these characters more closely. We find out more about their dynamics. It is obvious that Chitvan, the youngest, is a laid-back, cool and never-serious kinda guy. Baba, the eldest, is the opposite; a serious, practical and always-tensed mature adult.

It is a beautiful contrast because it resonates with the siblings watching the episode.  Most of the brothers and sisters are opposites. Baba and Chitvan are no exceptions.

Chitvan's DJing skills

Amidst the celebrations, we are shown Chitvan’s Deejaying skills. While amusing to us, it is shocking to the old-fashioned crowd as Chitvan remixes a song in a trippy way. Get it? Trippy… Cuz the show is called Tripling… No? Just me?

The transition from the folk music to this remix, electro music is pleasing. It is smooooooth. It makes me scream in hysteria “LOOK AT THEIR STUNNED FACES!”

As the episode progresses, we learn more. We find out what is really happening, why the lies, why the confusion about the pregnancy etc. We learn more about Chanchal’s husband, about his familial history, about his personality (which comes off as pretentious and snobbish, so kudos to the actor for making me believe it!) and the drama. Yes, there is drama.

Chanchal's Prince

Crazy that Chanchal’s husband refers to everyone as “aap”, even Chitvan. He seems young, ancient and dim-witted which makes the viewers’ wonder why someone as straight-forward and delightfully cool Chanchal would ever marry this tool. But perhaps that is a question for another episode.

There is a lot of drama in the second half of the episode. There is a lot less road-trip, which is a bit disappointing. But hey! You know what? They can’t show that alone. They have to add in some mass, some depth. Else, it will just be another boring show.

TVF Tripling Family Drama

All in all, this was a definitely great continuation of the previous episode and dangerously addictive. I truly and whole-heartedly want to watch the next episode, where greater things await.

Checklist for this episode:

Sibling chemistry: BRILLIANT

Concept: Check

Plotline: Check

Comedy: Check

Continuity: Check

Writing: Check

Acting: 5 out of 5

Direction: Check

Boredom Level: Maybe a little

Cliché-level: 2 out of 5

Do check this episode out and tell me what you thought about it! And does it, by any chance, remind you of your sibling?

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