TVF Tripling S01E01 – “Toh Chalein…?”Review (No Spoilers)

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As a child, I hated my elder sibling. And we made each other miserable as hell. But do you know the only time we used to have fun together? Road trips.

We grew up, somewhere along the way and forgot the essence of our sibling-ship. We still fight, but not in the same way. We still call each other names, but not in the same way. Somewhere along the way, we grew up.

But TVF Tripling made me remember those awesome times. It rekindled the fun of having a sibling in my life. It made me smile when I saw the two characters (portraying brothers) fight with each other, even as adults. I laughed at the idiotic jokes. Because of the way it was shown.

So what is TVF Tripling? It is definitely not an amalgam of Trip and Sibling. Instead, it is the journey of three siblings, two brothers and a sister with no path in front of them. The first minute of the show makes your attention stick to it. You want to know what is going on.

The show opens up with the brothers fighting,

Taken from the Trailer

Taken from the Trailer

as the sister watches. Baba, the eldest is chasing Chitvan, the youngest. The sister, whatever is her name, looks on. A thousand things pop in your head. Who are these people? Why are they fighting? Why are they in the middle of nowhere? Frigging hell, it must be hot there!

And then it cuts back to the past. Oh, how I love such shows! Suspense in a show about siblings? It fascinates me to no end. It keeps me fixated on each scene, making me wonder how this current scene will end up leading to the scene we saw in the first place. Perhaps that is why I like Gangs of Wasseypur!

The music sets up the tempo, just like TVF’s other productions. The voiceovers are great to hear and the familiar faces of Sumeet Vyas (Mikey, Permanent Rommmates) and Maanvi Gagroo (Shreya, TVF Pitchers) are definitely welcoming. The third, youngest sibling, Chitvan is another familiar face that I have seen in some of the short sketches by TVF and such. And guess what? The three have the best Sibling chemistry.

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The one thing I love the most about TVF, and the best thing too, is that TVF nails it when it comes to character creation. They know which character fits best with which other character. Think back to the perfect puzzle-like fit of Naveen and his group from TVF Pitchers. Think back to Mikesh and Tanya from Permanent Roommates. Similarly, Baba, Sister and Chitvan are also well-made, well-written and well thought-out characters. Although we don’t see much of Sister, we are still excited to see who she is. We love the fact that Chitvan is the – ahem – less intelligent one in this show, as opposed to Baba whose actor Sumeet Vyas plays a similarly dim character on another show.

The story itself is refreshingly empty, and in a good way. There is a casual touch to this show and I am definitely eager to watch the next. Thankfully, unlike other TVF shows, we only have to wait for a week to see the next episode.

Checklist for this episode:

Sibling chemistry: BRILLIANT

Concept: Check

Plotline: Check

Comedy: Check

Continuity: Check

Writing: Check

Acting: 5 out of 5

Direction: Check

Boredom Level: Non-existent

Cliché-level: 0 out of 5

Do check this episode out and tell me what you thought about it! And does it, by any chance, remind you of your sibling?

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