Deadpool (2016) Movie Review

Deadpool (2016) Movie Review

Here we are: 14th of February, 2016. For some, it is Valentine’s Day. For others, it is Deadpool Day. Like me.

This is the full review of the movie Deadpool that released worldwide on 12th of February 2016.

Let me begin by saying that—DEADPOOL IS AWESOME! There, I outright said it. If you like superhero films, crazy action that will leave you breathless and humour that will force you to clutch your ribs, then this one is ‘THE ONE’ for you. Forget the girlfriends and wives- Deadpool is enough! It is truly that good.

The thing that makes the movie so epic, on SOOO many levels is, of course as expected, Ryan Reynolds. He is truly a living Deadpool in disguise. He portrays the character straight from his heart and soul and does so in such an epic manner that by the end of it, it convinces you that perhaps this actor, who played the horrible Green Lantern some years back, might just be the red-clad Merc with a Mouth.

Speaking of which, this movie is violent. I mean, it is the epitome of violence. So, kids, if you are reading this, do not even dare to watch this movie. It will scar you for life…. In a good way! It has loads of Marvel Easter Eggs, surprisingly DC Easter Eggs too, Easter Eggs in general, references and hidden secrets. It is fun to notice all of them, and a die-hard superhero fan will be able to notice all of them.

Coming back to the movie’s humour itself, I loved how they have shot the film. The humour is funny, creatively written, perfectly timed and said with the accurate tone that most jokes have missing. Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin (who plays his girlfriend Vanessa) are perfect for their respective roles and it definitely fits into the story.

Now that I have talked about humour and stuff, let me head towards the story. The film follows Wade Wilson who, after being subjected to an experiment that leaves him with new abilities, hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

While the story itself isn’t something new, or grand like The Dark Knight or Marvel’s Avengers, you won’t care. You just won’t. There is too much else going on. There is action along every step of the way. There are jokes and comical gestures that will leave you fighting for air—in a good way—and there are easter eggs spotted across the whole timeline of the movie. You simply won’t have time to pay attention to the story. But even if you do, you will thoroughly enjoy it. It is more casual, more amusing than serious. There will be some moments to gasp at, to widen your eyes at, but they will be overshadowed by uncontrollable laughter the next moment. And it is GOOOOOOD.

And the direction is great too. The way the movie is shot reminds me of Quentin Tarantino films where blood and gore is in plenty. Of course, I am from India so most of the shots were cut. But even then, one could understand that the scene, that was cut, was filled with more violence. And it is awesome! This movie has so many sexual innuendos, sometimes even outright sexual references, limb amputating (reminds me of Star Wars!!), bullet rain etc. The slo-mo effects are timed perfectly as well, which makes you think “Gosh, this looks splendid!”

Then there are THE JOKES. I have already mentioned countless times above about the jokes. But then there are THESE jokes. Countless quips about Ryan’s failed Green Lantern movie, his failed X-men Origins: Wolverine movie, X-men themselves, Marvel’s the Avengers, Wolverine, Spiderman etc. are littered in the corners of the movie’s frames. You have to be really paying attention to see it.

If you are not a fan of comic books, or superheroes, then will you like this film? Of course. Because it also has romance. My kind of romance. Perfect, to the point and balanced. There is no boring manipulation. There are no misunderstandings. There is no unnecessary crying. There is just pure love between Wade Wilson (who is Deadpool) and Vanessa, his girlfriend. Their chemistry is so perfect. Their acting is impeccable. The setting of their dingy apartment is lit up by their bubbly love story. It feels warm and nice. And while girls will like Ryan’s shirtless/naked scenes, we guys will also find Morena’s hotness distractingly awesome! Morena Baccarin is officially my new celebrity crush.

In short, I would like to say (if you haven’t figured it out already) GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. Whether you are a Ryan Reynolds fan, or a Deadpool fan, or a Marvel fan, or a DC fan for that matter, you will definitely like this one, I guarantee you.

One small dislike I found (the only con, actually) was that many scenes in the movie had already been shown in the trailer. Since there were many trailers for this movie and almost all of them popular, I found many of the scenes from the movie present in the trailer when I saw them again. I wish they had shown less content of the movie in the trailers. It felt a bit spoilery for me, having seen the trailers multiple times. But oh, well. Not complaining! 😀



  1. Acting: Better
  2. Direction: Best
  3. Chemistry between all actors: Best
  4. Humour: Beyond Best
  5. Story: Good
  6. Satisfaction: Best
  7. Is it worth it: HELL YES, BEST!
  8. Love portrayal: Best
  9. Easter Eggs and references: Best

Got it?


Yep. Deadpool tickets.


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P.S: Yes, there is a POST Credit Scene AND a Stan Lee Cameo!

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