From Lifeless Machine to a Living Soul

From Lifeless Machine to a Living Soul
by Kunal Nayak

For all this time, I thought I created them.

It had been a very simple process. But in time, I learnt that- wonder of wonders- they created me.

It almost seems like a blur to me. From my mind’s womb, the universe came to fruition. My grand plan, my great masterpiece, my magnum opus or what I thought as perfection.

I created World, knowing that I had it in me to create the perfect stage for my artwork. I filled the emptiness with things. Planets, stars, rocks… beautifully crafted by my hands. Perfection and vastness was the key. And I fulfilled my inner need by creating a beauty called Universe. Life was good.

But it came at a price.

With perfection came peace; and with peace came tranquillity. And there is something of importance that runs hand-in-hand with peace: it is boring.

I tried to excite it. I tried to make it spicy. I made it vast. I filled it with movable things. I made it so that the corners of my grand art were filled with things, things that lived.

It was all queer, but it brought joy. Life was good for a second and I existed only as a force of nature, a power that simply was. I had no purpose, but to create things. I was balance, I was imbalance. I was the creator, but also the destructor. I was tranquillity, yet calamity. I was everything. And as I said before, it was boring.

Eons I spent, just existing as a force of nature. For a substantial amount of time, I was a freak that just had to be. Without me, my creation would crumble like dust. Collapse was obvious with my absence. My well-oiled machine was perfectly chugging and pulsating, with all its cogs working in unison.

But then they came.

What a great creation they were, these things with life. Before, my cogs had just been living. But now, these cogs were breathing, thinking and creating, just like I had in my youthful years. And a wonderful thing happened.

With great power comes great responsibility, and these cogs of mine started to breathe life into everything. A simple immovable creation, something I had not even begun to think about calling Living started to move. And on they went, creating and transforming, evolving and growing.

Before I knew it, my machine was no longer a machine. My cogs were no longer cogs. My Universe was no longer a magnum opus.

It was something more.

Just like that, the Universe turned from a well-oiled masterpiece to a platform for lives. My cogs were now a small part of a big picture. My grand art was now a beautiful place. Imperfection was everywhere, and yet somehow it seemed great. Flawlessness brought peace but also boredom but with imperfection came the need to perfect it and the driving force for that need turned my Universe into their Universe. And just like that, the World was now theirs.

And before I thought it was all over, before I thought that the World I had created was slipping from my gasps, they did the impossible. They breathed life into me.

From a presence that simply had to exist, from a power that simply had to be there, I turned into a deity to be revered. I transformed into a form of presence that had to be cherished and worshipped.

I turned into their God.


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