TVF Pitchers Review

TVF's the Pitchers

You know the feeling when you’re watching an awesome show on Star World or Zee Café and you wonder to yourself, Damn, why can’t we Indians make a show like that?

Well, the folks from TheViralFever must have thought the same when they created the show appropriately named ‘TVF Pitchers’ because for a moment, I mistook it for an American or British TV Show.

Okay, that is a lie since the actors are Indian, the dialect is the cool mashup of Hindi and English and the locations are the heart of Indian cities. However, the quality, the direction and just the story is up to the par of those ‘American sitcoms’ or those ‘British series’ and I feel that this show might be an inspiration to other similar shows in India.

So what is so great about TVF Pitchers?

Here are the top things that this show checks in my checklist of the things I want in a TV Show:

  • A show about something unique-Check
  • A show which is youth-oriented-Check
  • Familiar locations which are popular and cool to see onscreen-Check
  • Our youngsters kind of humour-Check
  • Subtle nods to different kinds of innuendos without creating a controversy-Check
  • A cute, sweet yet eyebrow-raising storyline that will take you for a ride-Check
  • Romance, not in the ‘I want to vomit, just stop this gooey crap already’ way but in the ‘Wow, this is how romance should be handled on the telly!’ way-Check
  • Friendship, but not in any way similar to the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother’ shows but just pure desi Friendship-Check
  • Realistic Character Development-Check
  • Proper direction, seamless continuity, enough screen time for all the characters (including minor)-Check
  • Lots and lots of cool episodes-ERROR.


TVF Pitchers is a show about a guy who, with the help of his two friends and a clingy roommate, want to make it big in the world full of start-ups. A sea of potential start-up companies, with zealous CEOs, yet Naveen and his friends Yogi, Jeetu and Mandal want to shine through this sea like a glowing fish. Will they succeed? I WANT TO FIND OUT! And the only way to do that is to watch the episodes on their Youtube channel or watch them on their website a week before it does on Youtube.

I would have never given this show a chance, when I read somewhere about it. But I was bored, and stumbled upon it and just the starting few minutes caught my attention faster than a naked chick! Okay, that is another lie. But hey, it was a close call.

The acting is amazing, especially from someone like these four who don’t have any professional training (I think?). It is amazing how they clearly succeed in portraying the characters heartily and sensibly, with the chemistry sizzling like a pot of water- and not just between Naveen and his girlfriend Shreya but between Naveen, his three fellow-entrepreneurs (that spelling took a long time to figure out, man. Damn this word!!!) and even small characters like Jeetu’s wife and father.

And I am not even beginning to describe the other parts of the show that make it phenomenal! Like what?

Like the show’s opening credits. They are professionally done, but then again everything is perfect in the show! The tune is catchy, the lighting is subtle and the shadows complement perfectly with the other stuff in their opening.

And guess what?

Watching this show is completely free. You get it on Youtube, as mentioned earlier, and they are very supportive to any questions you ask them on Facebook. They upload on time (mostly… Episode 4’s released was a horrific battle because of their lateness) and they show the release date quite in advance so that you are prepared for the awesomeness.

The only downside to this show is that only one season of TVF Pitchers is out and the season comprises of only five episodes, though the next season will be released sometime later, whether next week or month or even year, we don’t know. But I guess it is worth the wait.

So if you ever gave a try to shitty shows by mistake, why not give them a try? It is funny, smartly done, great fun to watch and quote too. Lots of great moments are embedded into this show, lots of funny quirks and life-changing sayings. You will definitely find yourself thinking about some of the scenes of Naveen’s monologues in a boring lecture, I guarantee it!

There are some talks around that the idea of this show is copied from some other similar shows like Silicon Valley but this is an Indian attempt at that, and a fairly good one I might add, so ignore these talks. If you feel this way…well, don’t. Give it a try and then judge.

“Tu kya hai? Tu beer hain, bhench*d!” is a quote that will forever inspire me… and bring me a smile because that is what my brother would say!

Now before you jump at my throat, let me clarify to you guys: I was not paid by TVF for this review or am not advertising them in any frigging way… although I wish I was. *sighs at my low account balance*

I genuinely like this show, and want you (my readers) to watch it too. Enjoy it here: TVF Pitchers (Season 1)

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