What is the best way to deal with hurt?

Sometimes questions are more important than answers. And so, here is mine to you, dear reader: What is the best way to deal with hurt?

There are many kinds of hurt. It can be a simple thing: like a secret that someone you love kept from you; or it can be devastating kinda hurt: like someone broke up with you, fought with you or left you all alone. Hurt is hurt. It doesn’t matter if it was big, or small. It matters how you deal with it.

Let us say that you have just been through a terrible situation which caused you hurt. Call it Event A for sake of ease. This Event A caused you pain, whether largely or minutely doesn’t matter. It was painful, is what is important. Our minds are fragile, our hearts tender. On top of that, everyone is built differently, so one might deal with this strange sort of pain in one way, while his friend might deal with it some other way. Your sibling might resort to one way, while you might be more comfortable using some other method to curb the pain.

So, reader, Bleedster, and my dear friend, WHAT is YOUR personal way to deal with hurt? The methods vary and here are a few of them I know.

One is by revenge. The most popular one that I know.

Revenge is the best medicine, revenge is the best revenge, revenge can help you move on… So many things said about this healer. But does it work?

Let us say you have been through Event A. It caused serious damage in your Almost Perfect World. Your mind swims in agony, betrayal, anger and so many other complex emotions. That clever brain of yours lists the method to cause pain to that person that made Event A happen, and finally concludes that Revenge is the best way to put this situation in the past.

You toy with the idea of Tit for Tat. You scheme, you plan and you prepare. You ignore the poor little conscience you have that is begging you to stop. Of course, REVENGE will make them pay, those Event A doers! And then you carry it out. For some people, seeing the Event A-ers in pain from your Revenge helps. You get your peace, your pain is now theirs, too. And you move on.

But then there are those people, the REALLY GOOD ones. They have never done anything bad in life, or have done it only a little. They don’t like the idea of hurting others BUT they say to themselves ‘Desperate times calls for desperate measures’  and they do end up carrying out their Revenge Plan.

And then they feel even more horrible. The big hole in the heart (or mind) remains gaping as ever. The gap is now widened by your conscience finally becoming more powerful and guilt takes over. (Sounds familiar, Kunal?) And then they do all sorts of other stuff. The lucky ones manage to forgive themselves. The others do not.

Anyways, that is one way to deal with pain. With more pain. Whether you give it to others (by means of Revenge) or to yourself (by depressing yourself more) is your choice.

Although I would like to add a small quote that popped into my head regarding this:
“A mind that plots and schemes is a mind that rots and screams.”

Two is the Sane.

They are called Sane because they are stable. They are mentally sound. They don’t have a beaming ego. And after all, hurt is what boosts your ego right? And without a huge ego, how can you get mad?

These Sanes use the best, most ideal method to deal with hurt: Move on.

Its funny how they can manage to forgive, forget and not look back on it. Hurt, small or big, leaves a long lasting impression on the mind’s flesh, yet these Gods mull over it like it was nothing. They cry for a day, let the pain take its toll, and then simply-well- MOVE ON! They don’t give a frick about Revenge, hurt or crying over the past. They just accept the way things are. They are the masters of emotions.

And then there is Three. The Pity-ers.

The Pity-ers is a clever breed of people who deal with hurt simply by PITYING. That is right. These are those confident ones, who go through hurt, pretend to ‘Pity the people’ who hurt you and then implode. Sometimes, it works. Often times it doesn’t.

They want to seem strong, and maybe they are but in most cases, it just a defense mechanism. First comes denial. They deny they are hurt, they nod and smile, they say ‘What a pity, but its their loss that they did that’ and then at the end of the day, they cry themselves to sleep. Although not the best way, this might be a fairly good way to deal with pain. Guess what? It is your choice. So if you chose this way to deal with the mental agony, be my guest…!

And then there are the last breed of Hurt-dealers called the Machines.

Those who are machines. Yes, some people are really well at keeping their emotions in check. They just switch that side of their brains off. They just continue to lead their lives as if nothing happens. How they do that, is a secret well kept amongst their masses. Maybe they are actually robots. Hmm, that IS interesting….


So which one are you? I will set up a poll. YOU tell me what way you like to deal with method. Do you fall in one of these categories or have one of your own? Don’t worry, it is all anonymous so no one will know your secret!

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2 thoughts on “What is the best way to deal with hurt?

  1. I agree with the categories you depicted but sometimes you gotta try something to be the other. First when I used to get hurt, I wanted Revenge and I have wanted it so badly! Now I am all about the moving on part and I feel that you can hardly be that guy unless you have put ur conscience to test once by trying to take revenge!


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