How to Deal with Life Problems [Part 1: The Down]

The Road called Life

Heya Bleedsters,

Here is, for the first time ever, a TWO PART post. This particular post is the ‘part one’ of a duet. If you liked this one, then perhaps you will get the next one quicker! So comment, like and share this post. Life is a rollercoaster full of Ups-and-Downs they say and I couldn’t agree more! However when the Down hits, getting Up is very difficult.
Today, I discuss that point of your life where you hit a bump in the road which might send your ‘perfect’ life into imbalance. My attempt is poor yet it is not without experience. So read it with a clear head and tell me if you see your life reflecting in any part of this post!

You are rooted to the spot. You sit on your bed- HA! Sit? I mean sleep- and you have your phone in your hand. Suddenly, a message appears. And the content of the message is that one thing that will crash your world around you. It will turn your hitherto abysmal life topsy-turvy. Your forehead feels sweaty, even though the air conditioner is switched on and there is no possible way to sweat in that temperature. Your heart is beating so hard that you can actually hear the blood pump into your ears.

Your eyes scan the message again and again. The message can be anything: a text from the horrible ex, the ‘fail’ result on the marksheet that has just been released, a horrible fight with a loved one…

You search for a possible explanation to why it’s happening to you right now. Of all the times your life could go down the crapper, this is the time it had to happen. You look up, your eyes on the verge of tears. But you don’t cry. You don’t want to seem weak to yourself more than anyone else. You take a deep breath, which stops the tears before they’re born and instead, they dart to the ceiling. Your lips mouth those string of common words we utter when something goes wrong: Darn you, God!

That is the first stage of your ‘Down’ part of the Ups-and-downs called Life. And it is so famously called Denial.

“No, this cannot be happening with me right now!” you shout in your empty room, before realizing that you said that a little too loudly and you don’t want your parents to hear. You start cursing everything from the God, to your phone, to even your own family.

Finally, after some days of cribbing about the fate that this person called ‘God’ has written for you, your mind starts to kick in its ‘rationality.’ You start to reason with yourself that whatever horrible is happening with you in your own fault. You have finally run out of things to blame and the only thing that truly remains is you. You start to think, ‘Hmm, so why did I do this? How did I end up here? What was my mistake?’ and that is how the Depression phase begins.

Your mind pushes into overdrive and you start over thinking the simplest of thoughts. You stretch the truth to the limit and search for holes in it, and then pile on more useless and unnecessary thoughts on this truth that was simple in the first place. After days or even months of over thinking, you start to search for the truth but you have hidden it yourself in the pile of garbage thoughts that your depression escalates. Panic, anxiety and a great deal of sweating attack you, as you would attack a McDonalds Maharaja Mac.

And although people would have you believe that this results in the next stage called Moving On, the sad truth is that some people don’t. Depression, instead of dissolving away, seems like an obvious part of life. Such an integral part of life this depression becomes, that you don’t mind it any more. Coldness towards those who love you becomes a habit.

So, there is the big question: How do you move on?

They would advise you to ‘Just be okay with it and accept it.’ But if accepting it, or being okay about something was so easy, Depression would be extinct.

So then how do you tackle the worst phase of the ‘Down’ ride? How do you Move on? –to be continued–

Did you relate to this in anyway? Or perhaps a smile adorned your face after reading this…! If “in case” you liked or even hated this post, share and comment on it and let me know what was your favorite part. Like it and subscribe to this blog as a token of appreciation; it will mean a lot to me. Most of the images found here are taken directly from Google unless told otherwise.


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