The Summer-Monsoon Vacations of an Engineer


They say that you’re a budding engineer when your vacations are starting when other people’s vacations are ending.

They are absolutely right.

If you have seen my last post, you might know about the whole mango story. What you might not know is that I was feeling a bit home sick.

“But Kunal, Mumbai is your home! You have lived here since the beginning of time!”

Yes genius, but I meant hometown!

Anyways, the one thing I realized is how difficult it is to change a habit. For the last few (what? Few? More like a gazillion) years, every May I used to visit family with Goa. Everyone knows that.

But when I entered into this Engineering stream, I realized that maybe things had changed forever. For one, the tests keep coming. They never end. One day there is submission, another there is something called “tutorials” then the day after that there is some kind of a practice test and before you know it, BAM– no, not an explosion! The freaking end semester are back!

Then there is the odd timing. No holidays for Diwali. Summer vacations are in Monsoon. Monsoon vacations (Ganesh Chaturthi) are non existent. The great Winter vacations are only 5 days worth. Everything is haywire.

And of course then there is the constant fear of KTs. I will not bore you guys with my thoughts about KTs again. See my earlier posts for that.

Hey, here’s a thought: am I a Sheldon Cooper?

“Who the Frick is Sheldon Cooper?”

Seriously? Have you been living under a rock? He is the super-genius from the show Big Bang Theory.

Yeah, back to Sheldon Cooper (before my own mind diverts its attention with stupid questions!), what if Engineering has turned me into some kind of a weirdo who can’t handle change.

An old backstabbing ex-friend told me a long time back that I look like Sheldon Cooper, am sarcastic like him and brilliant like him. He was wrong on all accounts.

“That’s not true. You’re still brilliant!”

HA-HA! You won’t fool me again, brain!

So am I Sheldon Cooper without the genius brain? Or is it simply human behaviour to resist change.

Or…or what if its a habit! Having family trips every year at the same time has some how programmed my brain to think it’s okay do it. On the bad side, its not a bad habit like smoking or drinking. So, its cool!

Anyways, I will be gone for a long time, since my Summer/monsoon vacations have started! After that… BACK TO WORK!

Until then, I take your leave! Sayonara…

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