Love of Unconditional Kind [Poem]


When I could barely make a smile

When I could barely smile [Not for reproduction]

Love of Unconditional Kind

by Kunal Nayak

Only great sculptors can mold clay into perfection.

Only great artists can paint masterpieces.

Only great musicians can create melodies.

And for me, you are all of them,

Since I am your perfect sculpture, I am your melody and I am your masterpiece.

They say Men are what You make them.

They say You are the pillar– called love– to the greatest monument–me.

You made me what I am today from what I could have been.

You fulfilled my wishes and righted my wrongs.

You brought out the best qualities in me, when others tried to push them deeper inside.

You provided me inspiration, love, care and most importantly positivity, at the right time and place.

You showered me with unconditional love and happiness. 

What more could I want in life?

Mother, I bow to thee. For, this one day is not enough for me.
May my love for you never waiver, may our cherished bond remain perfect forever.

I thank Lynda Naik (mom, for me) from the bottom of my heart. THE MOST AWESOME WOMAN I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE TO LOVE AND CARE FOR!!!

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms. Enjoy this day to the fullest. After all, it is your special day 😉

p.s: Poem, or whatever you want to call the thing above, is written by me and I am new at writing so please forgive me if anything is wrong!

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