Rants of a geeky Engineer: Irony of Life!

Dear readers,
This is more of a rant than a traditional post!
Temme your reactions! And if you feel the same way about your life, do share in the comments below!!

Love ya all,

It was Friday! The end of the week. Its that day of the week where finally you get to spread your legs and have some fun cuz WEEKEND IS HERE!

But instead, here I was, sitting and writing assignments and completing my journals for an Engineering subject! And good lord were there many! I don’t even know how I kept so much of the crap for last minute! Also, the sir didn’t teach us anything at the time! (*wink*)

Okay that was a lie, I purposely kept it for last minute! 😛

But the irony? Well, I am sitting here writing things I will forget faster than I forgot Chetan Bhagat books or KRK tweets while there, in the world things are happening.

I look up, and shout at what people usually call “God” ‘So you are trying to tell me that the one day I was busy with assignments, a Star Wars trailer, a Batman Vs Superman trailer, an LG G4 reveal announcement, a One Plus Special announcement, Grand Theft Auto V game, Star Wars: Battlefront game reveal trailer and much, much more gets released?! ARE YA FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME?????

Oh well, life is so… Instead I will watch everything a day late now! And I can only hope everything is as awesome as I expected!


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